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AI has helped business improve productivity and save time. But it is still a new technology and many businesses are yet to take advantage of what AI has to offer. At copy Clerk, our aim is to make AI more accessible and more affordable.


Bippon Kalia

CEO and Founder

SEO Experience

20 years SEO experience

I’ve combined over 20 years SEO experience and Google qualifications to provide a suite of SEO services to help businesses succeed.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Copy Clerk continuously strives to improve our service to give you the best in class service at the best price

Our Mission

To save you time & money when growing your website

I’ve been a business owner for some time, and it is no joke when it comes to competing online. There are a maze of tools out there that promise to help you compete and grow your website or business, but often they become expensive or your end up paying for more than you need.

I have been on a mission to make advanced SEO tools more accessible to businesses giving them a chance to grow their website without spending more time or money than they need to.

Copy Clerk provides a straight forward AI content generator to assist website owners or agencies produce larger volumes of content at fairer prices than other providers.

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